Thursday, September 18, 2008

Individuality 개성

Though from an impoverished mountain valley,

Born as a pebble
Never to be a great boulder

Flowing like a stream
Never to be wide as a sea
You will have moments to soar limitlessly

Kim Kwang-söp (1905~1977)

貧賤한 묏골에서

하나의 돌맹이로 태어나서커

다란 바위가 되지 못할지라도


하나의 시내로서 흘러서

넓은 바다에 이르지 못할지라도

그대는 무한에 飛翔하는 순간을 가지라

김광섭 (1905~1977)


Anonymous said...

hi there,
i like the poems with the korean translation.

Is this really the correct translation?because i want to just it for a tattoo. If you don't mind ;)

greetz :)

Doc Rock said...

Yes, 개성 is accurately translated as "individuality." It is the spelling in the Korean alphabet of a Chinese loan word 個性 = 개성 into Korean. One meaning of the first character 個 is "individual" and of the second 性, "(by) nature."